Our Multidisciplinary Team, Specializing in Engineering (Electronics and Computers) and Science (Physical Chemistry) at the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Levels, Provide Satisfactory Results to Valued Customers.
Creativity is Our Success key
Solving Complex Problems using Simple Solutions.

Education Technology

Our team has a great in-depth experience in computing, AI, robotics and education. We are passionate about creating technologies that enables everyone, particularly teachers and kids, to exprience STEM subjects. Our content sharing platform brings our robotics technologies and children's books with the key intention of facilitating collaborative content creation and sharing for educators.

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Web & Mobile App Development and Hosting

Dedicated web hosting services with high quality Managed VPS hosting packages. All of our VPS hosting packages are cost-efficient solutions for both professional and beginner businesses. They are Linux based with DirectAdmin panel. Our modern servers have high speed SSD drives, dedicated resources and unlimited bandwidth.

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Electronic Boards Development

Discuss the subject and finding the solution, feasibility study, designing, debugging, redesigning, or reverse-engineering of Electronic Boards.

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